+ What do you charge?

Sessions start at $400, Elopements start at $900, and Weddings start at $2,300. For a more specific quote send me an message!

+ Do you photograph families and seniors?

Absolutely! Reach out and let's set something up!

+ Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! I'll go anywhere you'll take me! For a list of places I'm already going to be at go here.

+ Do you travel for couples sessions?

Yeah for sure!

+ We've never had professional photos taken together before. We might be awkward.

Pretty much every face you see on this website said the exact same thing! And they all killed it. Session with me are super relaxed. I'll give you some tips at the beginning, but mainly I just direct you in different ways, tell dumb jokes, and get to guide you two into interacting as you naturally do.

+ Do you help with timeline, finding portrait locations, and details?

Definitely! Throughout the process we work together on creating your ideal timeline that emphasizes the best coverage possible.

+ What do you shoot with?

Canon Mark 5D IV and a Canon 6D.

+ How would you describe your style?

Natural, emotive, connected. To read more about my style, check out the My Work page on my site.

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